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Kwanzaa 365

Kwanzaa 365 is our early childhood curriculum we implement to create a culture of Pan-Africanism and love for the diaspora with our children.

Based on the seven principles of Kwanzaa, we focus on knowledge of self and community culture through stories, imagery and our Umoja circle gatherings every morning. Our classroom culture is one that serves to bridge the gap between the diverse African cultures and make connections with the neighborhoods in which we live.

The curriculum itself caters to preschool and early elementary. For our young learners, we focus on the symbolism and cultural aspects of the curriculum that are developmentally appropriate.

Our work is through hands on play and group projects that make learning fun.

We place a heavy emphasis on social studies as that is the way in which we build connections and evolve as a people.

We strive to create life long learners and global citizens of the world. Children that are able to identify their purpose and contribute to the collective for the betterment of our people. 


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