About Us

Early Learning Program

Play Pan Afrikan is a community driven educational space where families with young children get together and experience an array of learning opportunities in early childhood.

On the Move

We spend most of our day out in nature and out in the community. Weather permitting, we visit various state parks for an inclusive outdoor education and local businesses to establish a sense of community.

Join the Community

There are a few ways to join Play Pan Afrikan. As a parent you can become part of our team with our outings. As a community helper you can offer your expertise with our enrichment programs. 

About Ms. Ashley

Educator, Early Childhood Enthusiast & Play Advocate

Ms. Ashley, our founder and lead facilitator, is an expert in play-based learning and early childhood development. 

She has over 17 years experience in early childhood and is certified in the field. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Ms. Ashley has served as a teacher, nanny and facilitator for various families and educational institutions.

Ms. Ashley is also an experienced exhibit interpreter having worked at the Boston Children's Museum and the Zimmer Children's Museum in Los Angeles. 

She is now mother to a busy toddler and loves writing, dancing, horses and waterfalls!